GLOBAL ALLIANCE Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GLOBAL ALLIANCE) and a personal or entity that has signed this Agreement and has filled in the registration form (hereinafter referred to as the User), together referred to as Party, entered into this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).

This Agreement specifies the conditions underneath that GLOBAL ALLIANCE shall give the services to the User associated with running operations on financial markets.

The present Agreement specifies the conditions underneath that GLOBAL ALLIANCE shall give the services to the User associated with making operations on financial markets.

  1. Definitions

1.1. Global Alliance Ltd, as a service provider, provides services through the website as defined in this Agreement, as well as through its electronic system over the Internet (hereinafter “Trading Platforms”).

1.2. Please read this document carefully before using the services

1.3. This Agreement is intended to regulate the relationship between the Client and the Company. Since this Agreement is a distance contract, it is governed by the Laws of Saint Lucia and has the same rights and obligations as a duly signed contract. If, as a Client, you want to have a signed Agreement, you must print and send 2 (two) copies to the Company. The Company will sign both copies, certify them with a seal and send one of them to the Client.

1.4. These commitments come into force when you conclude an agreement between you as a Client and the Company, as well as when you join by clicking in the appropriate field when registering in your personal account. By visiting the Company’s website, accessing the Company’s service, you confirm that you understand and accept these commitments.

1.5. The Company reserves the right to change this Agreement at any time and notify you of any changes by email or through the Company’s website. Any changes to the Agreement will not apply to transactions completed before the effective date of the changes, unless otherwise agreed. If you do not agree with the changes, you can terminate the Agreement in accordance with clause 24.

1.6. The Company provides users with a non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to access and use the services (without public demonstration of use), including all available service materials on the user’s computer in accordance with this Agreement.

  1. Company services

2.1. Definition of GLOBAL ALLIANCE services.

2.1.1. GLOBAL ALLIANCE services are all interactive programs or services offered by GLOBAL ALLIANCE, that build it attainable for the User to:

– get connected with GLOBAL ALLIANCE or with a licensed third-party service provider;

– receive info and quotes from GLOBAL ALLIANCE or from a licensed third-party service provider;

– conduct trades on financial markets through GLOBAL ALLIANCE trading terminal MetaTrader 4.0 (software program) or other available to your trading account type at your personal Client area which has electronic information transfer that the User submits to GLOBAL ALLIANCE employing a laptop computer connected by electronic equipment or the other device to access the file transfer network assigned by GLOBAL ALLIANCE.

2.1.2. By accepting this Agreement, the User acknowledges obtaining familiarized with the foundations of communication and agrees that the User will provide directions solely by phone or the User trading terminal.

2.1.3. The services of GLOBAL ALLIANCE embrace info software package set “MetaTrader 4.0” or other terminal available to your trading account type, means that of technical analysis and services of knowledge provision by the third party, offered beside the services of GLOBAL ALLIANCE.

2.1.4. The User acknowledges that GLOBAL ALLIANCE reserves the proper to alter, add, rename or leave unmoved GLOBAL ALLIANCE services that are offered in terms of this Agreement with none previous notice. The User conjointly acknowledges that the Agreement is applicable to services, which might be modified, intercalary or renamed in future additionally to the services that are provided to the User presently.

2.1.5. In relevancy the User trades, GLOBAL ALLIANCE simply executes the User orders while not providing trust management or recommendations. GLOBAL ALLIANCE executes the User enquires or orders in spite of a trade character, notwithstanding they’re non-beneficial for the User.

2.1.6. But for the cases represented within the gift Agreement, GLOBAL ALLIANCE isn’t duty-bound to:

– monitor and advise the User regarding the trade status;

– shut a Client open position;

– build tries to execute the User order applying the quotes, that dissent from the quotes displayed within the “MetaTrader 4.0” trading platform.

2.1.7. GLOBAL ALLIANCE services exclude providing recommendations and knowledge to inspire the User to conduct operations. In some cases, GLOBAL ALLIANCE reserves the proper to offer info, recommendations and recommendation to the User; during this case GLOBAL ALLIANCE bears no responsibility relating to the result and effectiveness of such actions. GLOBAL ALLIANCE reserves the proper to cancel or shut any Client position in terms of conditions that are regulated by this Agreement. All trades conducted by the User as a results of inaccurate info or miscalculation, are to be upheld by each parties, the User and therefore GLOBAL ALLIANCE.

2.2. Suspension of Company services

The suspension of services can be temporary, as well as permanent at the sole discretion of the Company.

The granting of the right to use the Company’s service may be temporarily suspended by the decision of the Company in the event of the following circumstances:

  • User’s refusal to provide or confirm the information requested by the Company in accordance with this Agreement;
  • Lack of funds on the user’s trading account for more than one calendar month;
  • Lack of communication with the user for more than 30 days;
  • Implementation by the user of atypical transactions that do not correspond to the nature of economic activity (Application for bank retriever request / Faulse fraud alert);
  • User suspected of violating Know Whole Client or AML policies.

The granting of the right to use the Company’s service may be permanently suspended in the event of the following circumstances:

  • Violation of the contract by the user / Client;
    • Loss of force of user representations and warranties under this Agreement;
    • Declaring the user bankrupt and appointing a property representative or manager of all or most of your property and assets;
    • Death or disability of the user;
    • Liquidation of the user’s Company (if they represented the interests of a legal entity).
  1. Basic rules

3.1. Services are provided only to individuals or legal entities who have entered into a legally binding Agreement in accordance with the legislation in force in their country of residence. Without limiting the conditions below, our Services are not available to anyone under the age of 18 or under the legal age (“Minors”). For the avoidance of any doubt, the Company disclaims any responsibility for any unauthorized use of our Services by minors.

3.2. Without limiting the above provisions, our Services are not provided in regions where their use is illegal. The Company reserves the right to refuse and / or revoke any user’s access to its Services at its sole discretion.

3.3. For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that being able to access our website does not mean that our Services and / or the activities provided on the website are legal under the laws, regulations and directives applicable in your country of residence

3.4. To use the Company’s service, the user must open an account on the service (hereinafter referred to as the “UZLK Personal Account”). This user becomes a Client, accepts and guarantees the provision of complete and accurate information during the implementation of the contractual relationship. In the event of a change in user or Client information, the latter assumes responsibility for the timely updating of this information. By opening an account on behalf of a Company or another person, this Agreement, the Client confirms and guarantees that you have the authority and ability to act as a party to this Agreement and the obligations assumed by the Client are binding circumstances for the Company or the person on whose behalf the Client acts. The Client does not have the right to use the account of another natural or legal person without permission. The Company is not responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Client Account to its partners. Only the Client is responsible for the limited access to your account from third parties and all actions performed with the Client account. The Client should not transfer his confidential data, access to his account, data for access to his account, information about a poor trading strategy to third parties in compliance with security rules. If it is necessary to transfer access to the account and trade instead of the Client to third parties, the Client must provide the grounds for such a transfer, obtain permission from the Company for such a transfer, indicate the data of the person to whom the transfer is transferred and his geographic location of the IP address. With such a transfer of access and approval, the Client refuses any claims against the Company and bears full sole responsibility for possible actions of third parties, including but not limited to the complete or partial loss of the Client’s funds, violations of the terms of trade and trade security, violations of the conditions of conduct on financial markets. In the event of a security breach or unauthorized Client use of the Client’s account, the Client is obliged to immediately notify the Company about this.

3.5. The user can only open one account and cannot share the account with any other natural or legal person. To open additional trading accounts, contact the account manager. If the Company has good reason to believe that the account was transferred to a third party without approval, the account was created for fraudulent purposes and / or several accounts were created without the approval of the account manager, The Company reserves the right to cancel any transaction related to such accounts, restrict the possibilities of such an account until the investigation by the Company’s security department is completed, and / or recognize all transactions on such accounts as failed, subject to a positive balance equal to or exceeding the deposited funds of the Client, return to him funds minus the minimum deposit amount, and to terminate the agreement unilaterally.

3.6. The Company offers Islamic Forex accounts for the religious Muslim community, also known as foreign exchange swap-free accounts, (no swaps and interest are charged or posted for moving a position to another day). The Company understands that the accounts are in accordance with Islamic religious principles and are desirable for religious groups based on personal convictions.

In accordance with the provisions of Islam, any business transaction in which one of the parties has to pay or receive a certain percentage from the other is prohibited. The Company emphasizes that such swap-free accounts should be used exclusively by Muslim representatives on a religious basis. When ordering the opening of such an account by a user, the Company reserves the right to ask for an adequate justification and / or confirmation of the need to use such an account. The Company also reserves the right to refuse to process such a request without explanation and justification, based on the Company’s personal decision about the economic feasibility and riskiness of such an account for the Company. By this agreement, such a Muslim Client acknowledges that he does not use swap-free trading accounts for the purpose of generating profits using swaps. The Company reserves the right to revoke the “swap-free” status assigned to any trading account at any time at its discretion without the need to provide explanations and justifications. In the event of any form of violation, fraud, manipulation, interest arbitrage, “cashback” or other forms of dishonest or fraudulent activity in relation to accounts without swap transactions, the Company reserves the right at any time to the following actions:

  • suspend the “Islamic account” status from any trading account of such a Client;
  • correct and recover any uncalculated swaps and any uncalculated interest and / or expenses related to any “Islamic account” of such a Client during the period when these accounts were converted to “Islamic account” status;
  • immediately close all trading accounts of such a Client, nullify all transactions carried out by the Client on these accounts and cancel any profit received by such a Client on the trading account.

The Company reserves the right to change its obligations in relation to “Islamic accounts” at its discretion without the need to provide any explanation or justification.

3.7. The Company provides the opportunity to carry out transactions on certain assets, including currencies, financial instruments, which are defined as contracts for difference and other securities. The Client acknowledges and warrants that he participates in any activity, inaction, purchase, sale, auction or any other transaction (collectively hereinafter referred to as “transactions”) on the market as a person acting on his own behalf, and the Company does not act as an agent in any -or financial and trade transactions.

3.8. The Client confirms that he is responsible for fulfilling all obligations in relation to the transactions carried out by him on the market. After completing all security and identification procedures related to the use of the Company’s service, the Company provides access to the service if there are no other agreements or instructions.

3.9. All references to trading hours are in Greenwich Mean Time (“Greenwich Mean Time”) in a 24 hour format. The Company’s service is available to work all the time from 22:00 GMT on Sunday until 22:00 GMT on Friday (in winter), or from 23:00 GMT on Sunday until 23:00 GMT on Friday (in summer) every week, except for public holidays when financial markets are closed and in cases where markets are closed due to lack of liquidity in financial instruments. Please visit the Company’s website for more detailed information regarding the opening hours for each financial instrument.

3.10. The Company reserves the right to suspend or change the opening hours at our discretion, in such a case, the relevant changes will be reflected on the Company’s website in order to convey this information to the Client.

The Client accepts and understands that the Company may close CFD transactions at the last available market price on the last day the contract expires. The closing time is indicated on the Company’s website.

3.11. The Company offers Clients different types of spreads, depending on the types of accounts. The Company offers a fixed spread on the web platform. The fixed spread does not change over time or market conditions.

The Company offers a floating spread on the trading platform. Floating spread in FOREX and CFD’s markets means a constantly changing value between Ask and Bid values depending on market volatility and available liquidity.

3.12. The Client understands and accepts that the minimum time for manual execution of a transaction is: On the web platform – 3 minutes. The Company reserves the right to cancel transactions in cases where the period between the opening of the transaction and its closing was less than 3 minutes.

3.13. The maximum period for holding an open position on the web platform is 21 days. The Company reserves the right to close transactions with positions that remain open for more than 21 days. If an order is opened under a contract with a specific expiration date, the order will be closed either after 21 days, or on the day specified by the contract as the expiration date (whichever occurs first).

3.14. The Company conducts the Client’s transactions in the form of an “execution only” service. The Company carries out the Client’s transactions even if the transactions are not profitable for the Client. The Client understands and accepts the fact that he takes full responsibility for his transactions.

3.15. For quality assurance purposes, telephone conversations may be recorded. The Client agrees that all conversations with Company personnel may be recorded without prior notice. The Client acknowledges that these recordings and the results of their transcription can be used as evidence in case of disputes.

3.16. The Company provides services remotely, including the execution of the Client’s orders. At the same time, the Client agrees that with the remote method of opening / closing / changing transactions from the moment of receiving the command / consent of the Client to open / close / change transactions, there may be fluctuations in the asset rate. The Client accepts these terms and conditions and undertakes not to have claims for such fluctuations in the case of using the remote method of opening / closing / changing transactions.

Confirmation of the fulfillment of the Client’s instructions when opening / closing / changing transactions for the Company will be the consent to this method of opening / closing / changing transactions, expressed by accepting the terms of this Agreement, as well as recording a telephone conversation with the Client.

3.17 Rights and obligations of the Client:

3.17.1. The Client has no right to deceive, commit fraud or mislead the Company in any way.

3.17.2. The Client has no right to use the Company’s service in any way that is not explicitly permitted and is not intended to be used.

3.17.3. The Client does not have the right to disable, or otherwise interfere with the components related to the safety of the Company’s service, or those that cause restrictions in the service.

3.17.4. The Client is obliged not to use the Company’s service for any illegal actions.

3.17.5. The Client should not make as a deposit or in any way transfer to the service and / or account any funds that were received as a result of illegal activities.

3.17.6. The Client is prohibited from using any viral software, computer code, file or program developed for the purpose of temporarily suspending, destroying, restricting or monitoring the operation of any computer software, equipment and telecommunication systems in connection with the use of the Company’s services.

3.17.7. The Client does not have the right to use the services of the Company in any way that may entail bringing the Company to criminal or civil liability in any country and in any territory.

3.17.8. The Client does not have the right to take any action that causes or may cause, at the discretion of the Company, an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on the technological infrastructure and thus place excessive demands on it.

3.17.9. The Client is prohibited from reselling or providing access to the Company’s service to third parties, copying materials available on the Company’s service for resale or for other purposes other than personal use of the Company’s service.

3.17.10. The Client does not have the right to use the services of the Company for a purpose that may involve insults, bullying, invasion of privacy, harassment, defamation, threats, or other actions that are illegal, criminal, unethical, hateful and offensive.

3.17.11. The Client bears full individual responsibility for the provided incorrect information and / or incorrect data in connection with the use of the Company’s service. You undertake the obligation to keep all information about you provided by you to the Company up to date.

3.17.12. The Client accepts responsibility for irrational disturbance to the Company, its employees, contractors and other agents in any way.

3.17.13. The Client waives the right to demand a prohibition on the use of both manual and automated means by the Company, in order to verify how the Client meets the requirements set out in these set out criteria.

3.18. Company rights

3.18.1. The Company has the right to initiate an investigation of a possible violation, which may include the collection of information about the user, about persons who have complaints against him, and other materials, and information that the Company deems necessary to fully obtain information in cases of motivated suspicion of a violation by the user or the Client of these conditions.

3.18.2. The Company reserves the right to cancel and / or close a transaction, which the Company defines as one that, in our opinion, was conducted in violation of these terms.

3.18.3. The Company may perform some credit card settlements through our affiliated companies.

3.18.4. The Company reserves the right to enact any security and anti-money laundering rules, regulations and rules that the Company deems necessary or desirable to prevent or restrict money laundering, fraud or any other crime or action that it believes may impose liability or damage to the Company.

3.18.5. The Company may, by its unilateral decision, refuse to process the request for withdrawal of funds or impose a restriction on the payment of any amount from the funds in the Client’s account in the event of a suspicion that the Client has violated these conditions.

  1. Money deposit/withdrawal

4.1. General

4.1.1. This paragraph shall protect both Company, and Clients against fraud and money laundering as Global Alliance Ltd shall be legally binding on.

4.1.2. Global Alliance Ltd, at its sole decision, might perform withdrawals to financial institution other than the used for the original deposited his account. Global Alliance Ltd shall have the ultimate right to create or close deposit/withdrawal method on the Global Alliance Ltd.’s discretion available on the Client area.

4.2. AML security

4.2.1. Only a verified Client according to Know Client’s Client policy and AML policy would be presented with trading withdrawal services. Clients shall upload supporting documents according to all steps due AML policy.

4.2.2. While giving withdrawal request, Client shall submit further documentation according to present paragraph as well as by Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations, Credit/ Debit Card companies, Electronic Payment Providers’ demands and other partner’s norms acting for payments regulation.

Please note that for bank accounts wires, cards that do not show holder name, Global Alliance Ltd may require from a Client documental proof of account ownership, such as a confirmation letter or statement by the issuer.

4.2.3. Please note that it is Global Alliance Ltd.’s ruling: any withdrawals are transacted to the source of the genuine account deposited. If Client have credited account by card, a fund withdrawal shall be performed back to used card. Requests for payments initially made by card to subsequently be paid back to Client’s bank account will be declined. Global Alliance Ltd is not able to process withdrawals to a card number from which Client did not deposit before. A withdrawal to a bank account when initial deposits have been performed by cards may be executed at Global Alliance Ltd.’s discretion. As soon as all previous deposits by card have been withdrawn back to the card used for the deposit, transfer to a bank account may be offered for withdrawal of profits.

4.2.4. If Client have deposited his account with more than one card, the same rule will apply and Client’s withdrawal will be made back to those cards from which Company originally received Client’s payment.

4.3. Deposits

4.3.1. Client shall perform all the deposits from its own source (e.g. single bank account/card account). Client shall be liable for data presenting during payment by Card, SWIFT or other methods. In order to prove that a SWIFT statement is authentic, it has to be sent to Company to confirm the origin of the money, which will be used for trading. If Client don’t comply with this paragraph, he/she be prevented from depositing the money via Bank/Wire Transfer. Please allow up to 5 business days for the deposited funds via Bank/Wire Transfer to appear on trading account. In the event that no trading operations with deposited funds are performed on the Client’s trading account within 90 consecutive calendar days, starting from the 91st day, the Company reserves the right to charge a commission for servicing the account in the amount of 10% of the balance on this account, but not less than US $ 25 for each calendar month. The specified commission is charged until the resumption of operations on the corresponding account in the amount of 10 orders.

If no transactions have been made on the account since the opening time or completely less than 10 transactions per month from the day the account was opened, or the speed of such transactions is less than 3 minutes, such an account is also considered inactive and the same conditions apply when it is closed or a withdrawal request is made. as above.

If Client does not login and traded from account within six (6) months (“Dormant Client Account”), the Dormant Client Account will be subject to a deduction of 10 % available funds each month.

4.4. Withdrawals

4.4.1. According to AML rules, withdrawals shall be executed only through the same bank account or card used to deposit the funds and in the same currency of deposit had been initially made.

4.4.2. If Client deposit or withdraw money for trading purposes using alternative payment methods, he/she ages automatically with any additional fees and restrictions may apply by alternative payment methods.

4.4.3. Withdrawals are subjected to withdrawals processing and handling fees. Those fees will be deducted from the transferred withdrawn amount.

4.5. Fees

4.5.1. Withdrawals/Deposit shall be stated per standard transaction fee as hereunder:

— 75.00 USD/GBP/EURO for wire transfers;

— 50.00 USD/GBP/EURO for credit cards plus a processing fee of 15.00 USD/EUR/GBP.

4.5.2. A levy of 10% of the payment amount will be charged to any withdrawal from an account that has not executed more than 200K in turnover and/or to any accounts that have not been verified.

4.5.3. Minimum withdrawal for wire transfers is 1550.00 USD/GBP/EURO. Minimum withdrawal on any other method is 200.00 USD/GBP/EURO. Note that these charges exclude the transaction fee imposed; for instance, if a minimum is to be withdrawn by bank wire transfer, a transaction fee of additional 150 USD/GBP/EURO will be charged.

4.5.4. Fees may change depends on the payment methods and/or bank fees by both parties.

4.5.5. Additional Charges: If the receiving bank uses an intermediary bank to send/receive funds, you may incur additional fees charged by the intermediary back, y. In case Client’s financial institution account has different currency of withdrawals being requested by the Client the currency exchange fees are applied according to bank fees and have no information or influence from Company. These charges are usually placed for transmitting the wire for Client’s bank. Please check with Client’s financial institution for more information.

4.5.6. The Global Alliance does not charge a commission when depositing funds, and also has a commission from the payment systems indicated in the Client’s Personal Account for replenishing the trading balance. If the bank is the issuer of your card or bank account, which was used by the Client to replenish funds, commission fee – please send a screenshot of the commission to the Company mail indicating the date of replenishment and the Client’s account, and the Company will refund the amount of the bank’s commission to the Client’s trading account, in as an additional bonus.

In the case of using third-party payment mechanisms such as MoneyGram or Western Union, in which commissions are withdrawn during cash receipt operations, the commission is not reimbursed.

4.6. Withdrawal Request

4.6.1. The withdrawal request shall be made as follows:

  • Open a withdrawal request from Client area.
  • Sent e-mail for withdrawal to card or Print the withdrawal form for wire SWIFT transactions.
  • Client Shall log in to account, click on withdrawal, fill up the information and fill up the withdrawal form giving additional confirmation for withdrawal.
  • Sign the printed form.
  • Sent compliance requested documentation if any to proceed with the withdrawal order.

4.7. Withdrawal/Processing Time

4.7.1. Funds are supposed to be credited to Client’s account within 3-7 working days after initial transaction, depending on Client card provider. Global Alliance Ltd is on its own discretion within 60 minutes might credit bones reflected in the real Client’s account in the amount of initial transaction for service usage before real funds will be wired from cardholder bank to Company’s account in case all Visa MasterCard formalities and 3D secureness would be approved by bank. As soon as real funds would be received, they would be substitute and no difference would be provided to Client other that transactional fees that might be applied by third parties (performing financial institutions).

4.7.2. The time it takes for the money to reach Client’s credit card or bank account that has been used to deposit funds may vary (usually up to five business days). Note that it might take longer for withdrawals to bank accounts due to the additional security procedures in force.

4.7.3. The request will generally be processed by Company within 4-7 business days of receipt. In order to avoid any delays please review Client’s information carefully before submitting Client’s request. Company assumes no responsibility for errors or inaccuracies made by the account holder. Corresponding withdrawals will take 4 to 7 business days to process. Company cannot monitor and is not responsible in any way for the Client’s Credit Card Company or bank’s internal procedures. Client must follow up with the credit card or respective bank independently.

4.7.4. Funds are transacted to Client’s account once Client’s card payment institution has sing out related amount from Company’s bank account. The stated might have place up to 5 banking days or more to be apparent on Client’s card account balance.

4.7.5. Company shall not be liable to any period and that any additional charges imposed by third parties and the last shall be deducted from the deposit or the withdrawal Client’s funds, as applicable.

4.7.6. Company shall take all reliable and legal actions within the aim to process Clients requests for funds withdrawals on the same day of receipt them (or the next business day if receipt is on a non-business day) but shall not make any commitments and be liable for immediate payment.

4.8. Currency

4.8.1. The Client’s account shall be in US Dollars and any other currency will be converted at the exchange rate existing at the point of conversion within the bank fees for the currency exchange rate in the date of transaction accordingly.

4.8.2. Client’s Account may have different currencies. These will have please if Company may accept transactions into Company’s accounts in Client willed currencies and any payments due to or from Company’s accounts and any net balances on the account shall be reported by Company in the respective currency.

4.8.3. Company will generally settle trades or perform any required setoffs and deductions in the relevant currency where the account comprises such currency ledger, save that where such currency balance is insufficient, Company may settle trades in any currency using the Exchange Rate

4.8.4. Please note that you must have funds in Client’s account for the request to be approved. Withdrawals will not be approved if Client’s trading account(s) are in deficit in case if exchange fees rate and transaction fees will exceed the balance itself or jointly.

4.9. Non-Deposited Funds

4.9.1. Client’s account Funds may include agreed or Company’s granted bonuses and promotional features or other capital not paid by the Client itself or received not by trade. Unless otherwise agreed, funds not deposited are not available for withdrawal. In addition, due to technical limitations, in some cases, non-deposited funds may be credited to the Client’s.

4.9.2. Accordingly, also bonds granted by the Company to Client may be withdrawn only if the minimum trading volume is 25 times the deposit amount and the bonus issued or in any other cases and forms in special trading accounts stated hereunder and in Company’s web-site from time to time.

4.9.3. In case Client would like to withdraw funds before fulfilling all demands according to bonuses granted, the trading account would be subject for finance penalties, giving the place for order withdrawal before commitments being met. Client reject herewith to demand full withdrawal and act against penalties if the case would be.

  1. Order of business, claims and contentious cases settlement

5.1. When contentious cases occur, the User is entitled to report a claim to GLOBAL ALLIANCE. Claims are accepted inside 2 operating days from the date the matter has occurred.

5.2. The claim shall be sent to the operations Department within the type of associate email to [email protected] . The claim isn’t subject to revelation by the applier till the inquiry is finished.

Claims submitted in different ways in which shall not be reviewed.

5.3. GLOBAL ALLIANCE shall method the User grievance inside the term of less than ten operating days:

If the User claim is taken into account truthful, GLOBAL ALLIANCE can settle for it and deposit funds within the User trading account inside one operating day.

GLOBAL ALLIANCE follows usually accepted market practices and internal policy, for those claims not mentioned within the gift Agreement.

5.4. The User claim must contain:

– name and surname;

– account number;

– date and time once the contentious case occurred;

– contentious case or order ticket;

– description of claim, excluding emotional essence.

5.5. GLOBAL ALLIANCE has freedom to reject a claim within the following cases:

– the claim doesn’t befits the terms of the Clauses 5.1, 5.2, 5.4.;

– the claim includes obscene/rude words or/and insults to GLOBAL ALLIANCE or its officials;

– the claim contains threats to GLOBAL ALLIANCE or its officials;

– the User threatens to stain the name of GLOBAL ALLIANCE applying social networks and different community resources.

5.6. GLOBAL ALLIANCE has freedom to correct the results of the User trades if the server errors that generated quotes delay, spikes and different negative consequences for GLOBAL ALLIANCE were detected, and were not hedged by GLOBAL ALLIANCE contractors.

5.7. GLOBAL ALLIANCE guarantees that any deal of the User disbursed at non-market quote (spike) shall be fixed simply when detection of the actual fact of inaccurate performance.

5.8. If the positions are totally bolted by any lockup system together with triple lock and therefore the total of swaps includes a positive value, GLOBAL ALLIANCE reserves its freedom to correct the swap.

5.9. The present Agreement forbids use of methods adjusted on the profit extraction by means that of purposely making the things, once one in every of the User’s or a gaggle of Clients’ account turns to negative balance, together with the case once the accounts are opened underneath the names of various persons, invariably being a part of one trading strategy. In sıtuatıon of showing implementation of such trading methods, GLOBAL ALLIANCE reserves freedom to use the Clause 3.15.5. of this Agreement.

5.10. If at the instant of market shut the entire volume of positions, opened at the User account implies the modification of total profit by quite 0.5% of deposit, just in case the value changes by one pip (more than five GLOBAL ALLIANCE lots for each USD1,000 of deposit), GLOBAL ALLIANCE reserves the proper to correct the money results of such deals just in case the market opens with a spot by the quantity proportional to the scale of the gap in pips.

5.11. The Dealing Department of GLOBAL ALLIANCE executes its affirmative call on a claim relating to reopening a position consistent with the subsequent scheme: just in case there are substantial time or price gaps since the instant of inaccurate closing a position thereto of opening a position, the deal are often opened once more at a median worth that is ready either for the amount between a mistaken position shut associated creating a choice on its reopening or inside an hour from the instant of inaccurate position shut. Reopening a position is inserting a replacement order of a similar volume because the one closed erroneously. This rule is totally applicable to the compensation of erroneously closed positions.

5.12. When the price changes, due to the difference between the last price of the instrument at the close of the market and, therefore, the original price of the instrument at the opening of the market, or related to the release of news, the profit is more than 10 percent of the initial deposit, GLOBAL ALLIANCE reserves the right to adjust the financial result such transactions by an amount proportional to the difference in the above prices in points, by debiting funds with the comment “Clause 5.12 correction”, in some cases, at the company’s discretion, the limitation on the minimum change in profit can be set at less than 10% of the total deposit.

5.13. GLOBAL ALLIANCE reserves the right to cancel the results of the transaction if GLOBAL ALLIANCE finds that the money used to complete the transaction was received in violation of the provisions of this Agreement accepted by the Client.

5.14. If the total swap for all created trades on the account exceeds $ 5,000, GLOBAL ALLIANCE reserves the right to correct it to $ 5,000 in some cases.

5.15. The amount of compensation to the Client in eliminating the consequences of a technical defect cannot exceed $ 5,000.

5.16. Lost or potential profits as well as the losses incurred as the result of equipment unavailability are not a subject to compensation.

  1. Recognition and verification of Clients

6.1. GLOBAL ALLIANCE has the right to ask the Client to confirm the plausibility of his / her registration information, in particular, those indicated when opening a trading account. At any time, GLOBAL ALLIANCE may require the User to provide an electronic copy of identity documents or a copy of an identity card certified by a notary. In addition, GLOBAL ALLIANCE has the right, at its discretion, to use various methods of verifying the User’s identity. The user is obliged to comply with such requirements. If the Client refused to submit documents at the request of the Company, and / or the documents provided did not meet the standards for confirming identity, the Company has the right to restrict the ability to use the services of the Company, completely block the Client’s account and funds until such documents are provided, and also terminate the contractual relationship with the Client unilaterally at the discretion of the Company. In this case, any bonus funds are accrued by the Company, the profit received will be written off, open positions are closed at the discretion of the Company, and the deposited funds can be returned to the Client by refund if the trading account has a positive balance of an equal amount.

6.2. In case the User has not received the request for providing the scan copy of passport / ID, the verification procedure of the trading account isn’t obligatory, however the User is obliged to upload the copy of the passport or the other document that identifies the identity to his Client’s account.

6.3. If when the account opening the User personal registration info (such as full name, address or telephone) has been modified, the User is duty-bound to tell the consumer Relations Department of GLOBAL ALLIANCE causing a call for participation to alter the registration info.

6.4. Client agrees that private data indicated at registration of a trading account are often employed by GLOBAL ALLIANCE inside the bounds of the AML (against money-laundering) policy.

6.5. The User is liable for credibleness of the provided personal documents or their copies, and admits the proper of GLOBAL ALLIANCE, if their originality is doubted, to use to the law-enforcement authorities of the document supply country for the authentication validation, just in case the act of the document forgery was disclosed, the User are going to be delivered to responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the document supply country.

  1. Risks

7.1. You state, confirm and guarantee that any funds handed to the Company for trading purposes, belong exclusively to you and are free of any lien, charge, pledge or any other burden. Further, whatever funds handed over to the Company by you are not in any manner whatsoever directly or indirectly proceeds of any illegal act or omission or product of any criminal activity.

7.2. You act for yourself and not as a representative or a trustee of any third person.

7.3. You agree and understand that if the Company has such proofs that you do not act for yourself and such proofs are adequate to indicate that certain amounts, as classified above, received by you are proceeds from illegal acts or products of any criminal activity and/or belonging to a third party, the Company reserves the right to refund these amounts to the sender, either this being you or a beneficial owner of a legal entity. Furthermore, you also agree and understand that the Company may reverse any Transactions performed in your Trading Account and may terminate this agreement. The Company reserves the right to take any legal action against you to cover and indemnify itself upon such an event and may claim any damages caused to the Company by you as a result of such an event.

7.4. You understand and accept that all transactions in relation to trade in any of the Financial Instruments, will be performed only through the Trading Platforms provided by the Company and the Financial Instruments are not transferable to any other Trading Platform whatsoever.

7.5. You guarantee the authenticity and validity of any document handed over by the Client to the Company. You understand and accept that the Company is unable to provide you with any legal advice or assurances in respect of your use of the Services and the Company makes no representations whatsoever as to the legality of the Services in your jurisdiction.

  1. Contact with the user

8.1. To contact the User GLOBAL ALLIANCE will use:

– trading platform in-house mail;

– email;

– fax;

– telephone;

– physical mail service;

– news from the section “Company News” on the GLOBAL ALLIANCE ‘s official web page.

GLOBAL ALLIANCE shall use the non-public info of the User indicated at registration, during this regard the User is susceptible to inform GLOBAL ALLIANCE regarding all changes within the personal contact details.

8.2. A message (including documents, announcements, notifications, confirmations, reports etc.) is taken into account as received by the User:

– one hour when it’s been sent by email;

– right away just in case it’s been sent by internal mail within the trading platform;

– right away just in case sent by fax;

– right away when the telephone call has been finished;

– when seven calendar days just in case sent by communication service;

– right when unleash of reports within the section “Company News” of GLOBAL ALLIANCE official web site.

8.3. The User daily receives associate email with a report on all done operations within the trading account for the past twenty-four hours.

8.4. By accepting the terms of the Agreement, the User agrees to give his contact details so as to receive info on GLOBAL ALLIANCE ‘s utility.

  1. Responsibility and liability

9.1. General provisions.

9.1.1. The User ensures that:

– the data indicated within the account registration kind is true and pertains to the account holder;

– it’s of the User full responsibility to secure privacy of applying the username and passwords;

– the User is totally chargeable for behavior that result from applying username and passwords;

– the User bears full responsibility for actions together with operations on money markets;

– agrees to the proper of GLOBAL ALLIANCE to record conversations with the User with the aim of their proof.

9.1.2. GLOBAL ALLIANCE ensures that the data indicated by the User within the account registration kind is confidential. just in case of such revelation the violation shall be handled consistent with this Agreement.

9.1.3. The User accepts that GLOBAL ALLIANCE or a 3rd party concerned in representing the services to the User isn’t accountable for poor phone connection, internet, software updates or any events that don’t depend upon GLOBAL ALLIANCE, or info services supplier or a 3rd party handling rendering services to the User.

9.1.4. The User agrees that GLOBAL ALLIANCE includes a right to suspend activity on the User trading account just in case GLOBAL ALLIANCE has any suspicion that the User trading account is employed for money-laundering or the User has provided deliberately false info. Once the operations are suspended, GLOBAL ALLIANCE shall run the probe that will embrace examination of the account registration information and therefore the trading account depositing history, identification of the User, etc. The User agrees that GLOBAL ALLIANCE has the proper to initiate investigation, if it’s reasons to suspect that the User has listed on the account in violation of this Agreement.

9.1.5. The User acknowledges, that in conformity with Anti-money laundering policy, GLOBAL ALLIANCE reserves freedom to request the main points of the checking account open underneath the name of the User, imposing the restrictions on funds’ withdrawal from the account solely through bank transfer with the desired bank details. just in case of the User refusal to submit the bank details GLOBAL ALLIANCE is entitled to place on hold all operations with the trading account till given the desired info.

  1. Completion of the agreement

10.1. General provisions.

10.1.1. This Agreement enters into impact since the instant of being signed by the User.

10.1.2. This Agreement is terminated if: Any party expresses desire to terminate this Agreement:

– on condition the User withdraws all funds from the trading account, that results in termination of relationship regulated by the Agreement;

– on condition of the User violation of the conditions represented within the gift Agreement GLOBAL ALLIANCE has the proper to terminate the Agreement in its sole discretion, with previous notification of the User regarding such termination and when returning all funds from the User trading account balance as of the instant of the Agreement termination. If GLOBAL ALLIANCE stops the activity regulated by this Agreement:

– GLOBAL ALLIANCE notifies one month before such termination;

– GLOBAL ALLIANCE returns all funds to the User that were on the balance of the User trading account as of the instant of shut. In case of the User death:

– the proper to withdraw funds from the User trading account goes to the heritor of the corresponding queue, or to the heritor in accordance to the will/testament of the User;

– the proper to use the trading account of the User and to conduct operations on the financial markets cannot be transmitted.

10.1.3. The User admits that GLOBAL ALLIANCE reserves freedom to suspend or to prevent totally or partly the access of the User to the services of GLOBAL ALLIANCE at its sole discretion, with the subsequent notification by means that of communication. During this case this Agreement is taken into account as terminated since the instant the services are created unprocurable for the User.

  1. Language

11.1. The present Agreement is made in English version.

11.2. For the User comfort, GLOBAL ALLIANCE will give the Agreement version in another requested language. The translated version of the Agreement is of an only informative character.

11.3. If the translated version and English versions of this Agreement are different, priority will have the version in English language.

  1. Promotions and bonuses

12.1. From time to time, the Company offers bonuses and promotional offers to both new and existing Clients.

12.2. Acceptance of such an offer is the right of the Client, and the Client can refuse, exactly as the Company, at its discretion, decides on the groups and profiles of the Client to whom such an offer applies.

12.3. The conditions for the provision of bonuses and participation in promotions are indicated in this section, as well as on the Company’s website.

12.4. Bonuses are credited after verification of the Client.

12.5. Types of bonuses:

12.6.1. Deposit bonus.

The specified bonus is provided to the Client when depositing funds to his account. The amount of the bonus is determined by the Company as a percentage of the amount deposited by the Client. The specified bonus is subject to processing by the Client on the following condition:

12.6.2. The replenishment amounts and the Bonus accrued on them, as well as the profit received from such funds, become available for withdrawal only after the total trading turnover (in standard lots) is carried out on the account in the amount of the formula specified in article 12.10 if other is not specially specified furtherly for types of accounts.

12.6.3. Until the condition for working out the bonus on the account where such a bonus was credited is fulfilled, income from trading with such bonus funds is not allowed.

12.6.4. When working out a bonus, the volume of deals opened in different directions, scalping deals, and deals lasting three minutes or less are not taken into account.

12.6.5. If there is no activity on the trading account for more than 30 days from the moment the bonus was credited, the Company retains the right to make a decision to write off bonus funds, as well as all income received on the Client’s account during the specified period, without warning the Client and without receiving any consent.

12.6.6. In case of suspicion about the calculation by working off or using the bonus, the trading result can be adjusted.

12.6.7. After reaching the trading volume, the entire account balance with deposit, bonuses and profit can be withdrawn without restrictions. There is no time limit to meet the bonus requirement.

12.6.8. When the Client withdraws funds from the account until the conditions for working out the bonus are fulfilled, all open positions on the Client’s account are closed, and the balance of funds on the Client’s account is recalculated according to the following formula:

The balance of funds on the Client’s account = current account balance (balance) – the amount of the bonus (bonuses) provided – the total income received by the Client on all closed deals opened since the activation of the bonus (only positive total income is taken into account).

12.6.9. If, during the period of the Client’s use of the bonus provided by the Company, the amount of the balance of funds was less than the amount of the Client’s own funds and trading was carried out exclusively at the expense of bonus funds, the withdrawal of funds is carried out after the bonus has been fully worked out under the conditions stipulated in this Agreement.

12.7.1. Advance bonus.

Provided by the Company as agreed with the Clients, subject to the subsequent replenishment of the account by Clients individually.

12.7.2. When providing the specified bonus, the Company and the Client agree on:

  • Bonus size;
  • The period during which the Client is obliged to replenish his account (if the Company does not agree on the specified period with the Client, the parties proceed from 7 calendar days);
  • The amount by which the Client should fund his account.

12.7.3. If the conditions for depositing funds in the agreed amount within the agreed period are violated, the Company has the right to make a decision to write off the provided advance bonus, as well as all income received on the Client’s account for the period from the date of the advance bonus.

12.7.4. Until the Client deposits funds in the agreed amount to his account or before the Company debits the bonus, the Client’s account is blocked.

12.7.5. The conditions for working out this bonus correspond to the conditions for working out the bonus for replenishment specified in article: 12.6.

12.8. Referral Bonus

12.8.1. If an existing Client acts as a representative of a new Client, then the existing Client can receive a bonus of 9% (up to $ 1500) from the initial deposit of the new Client, if the following conditions have been met:

  1. A new Client independently registered on the Company’s website, passed Verification and expressed his open desire to use the Company’s services by making an initial deposit.
  2. The existing Client, prior to the time of replenishment by the New Client, will transfer the contact details of the mail of the new Client, which the latter was used for registration to the manager of the Company.
  3. The new Client will receive a notification from the name of the Company that he was presented to the Company by an existing Client (full name).

12.8.2. The Existing and New Client cannot use each other’s trading accounts, act as guarantors or persons of a related nature. The Company does not disclose personal data to the Company’s Clients, even if one of them is a representative of the other. The representative in this context is considered exclusively as an acquaintance of the new Client with the Company during registration. Any other relationship is prohibited in the course of trading accounts service with the Company.

12.8.3. The remuneration is paid for new Clients who have opened a real account on the Global Alliance platform. An existing Client who introduced a new one can receive:

  • 50 USD, if the New Client has deposited 250 USD and closed orders with a volume of more than 1 Lot USD within 30 days;
  • 200 USD with a deposit of 1000 USD and a turnover of 5 Lot;
  • 400 USD with a deposit of 2500 USD and a turnover of 10 Lot;
  • 750 USD, if the New Client immediately deposited 5000 USD or more and closed transactions with a total volume of more than 15 Lot USD.

12.8.4. The funds withdrawal under this bonus should be carried out under written request of the existing Client as a reward and can be applied to verified payment instruments of the Client to receive payments approved by Company’s compliance officer.

12.8.5. If the new Client is under 18 years of age, previously used the services of the Company, did not make a deposit of funds, or made Charge Back within a month, the Bonus remuneration for the existing Client is canceled.

12.9. Global Alliance Trade Cashback Bonus

12.9.1. The Company provides deferred rewards in the form of Bonuses for the funds used in trading, returned to the Client to his account, after the expiration of the trading period on the last day of the week, in the event of one traded lot. The amount of such remuneration is equal to USD $ 10, and the Client must declare his desire to join the Cashback program in advance.

12.9.2. Bonuses are applied to the deposit of the deposit from $ 2000 to $ 4,999 (for new Clients), and from $ 5,000 to $ 20,000 (for existing Clients).

12.9.3. Withdrawal of such bonuses from the deposit is possible only after reaching the volume of transactions in accordance with the formula stated herewith in Article 12.6.2. If it is necessary to withdraw funds before the above condition is reached, the entire bonus amount will be deleted (including any earnings received using such bonus).

12.10. The Company establishes mandatory trading specifications for the account where any bonuses are granted:

  • Upon receipt of a bonus up to $ 5000 – the trading volume must reach 100 trading lots for each $ 1000 of bonus funds received;
  • When receiving a bonus from $ 5,000 to $ 10,000 – the trading volume must reach 200 trading lots for each $ 1,000 of bonus funds received;
  • When receiving a bonus over $ 10,000 – the trading volume must reach 300 trading lots for every $ 1,000 of bonus funds received.

12.11. The Company reserves the right to change and / or cancel the bonus and promotions program at any time by notifying the Client about it.

12.12. Unless otherwise agreed by the Company and the Client additionally, then in the case when the promotion is related to the provision of bonus funds to the Client, the conditions for working out these bonus funds, the possibility of withdrawing funds from the account and other rules are determined in the manner prescribed for the replenishment bonus.

12.13. In the event of a Stop Out event, all Bonuses are automatically debited from the Client’s account in full.

12.14. The Client has the right to refuse the Bonus, while the restriction on the withdrawal of his own funds, for which this Bonus was received, is canceled, and the Bonus is debited from the account.

  1. Account management by third parties, robot trading, algorithmic trading

13.1. The Client understands and accepts that any use of the Company’s services and the transfer of access, management, information to provide advice in order to use the Company’s services are an additional factor of risks. The Client understands that third-party financial advice, analytical recommendations, algorithmic trading methods, trading robots are not defined as external use of the Client’s account manager and are technically perceived by the Company as the Client’s actions. The Client rejects any claims, statements, complaints if the above factors have a negative impact on the Client’s balance.

13.2. The Client understands and accepts that in order to use the above factors by the Client while using the Company’s services, taking into account the increasing risks specified in clauses 7.3 – 7.4, and in the event of a dispute, agrees with the Company’s right to conduct research on such transactions. If in the course of such activity of the Client’s account the investigation of the Company at its personal discretion and decision reveals violations of clauses 2.1.6, 3.17., 7.5, the Company has the right to:

– to charge an amount of 25 USD for each hour of investigation of the activities of the Client’s account, but not more than 500 USD for such an investigation of violations;

– take the actions provided for in clause 5.6 of this agreement, and / or partially / fully / proportionally recognize the transactions as such that did not take place, and / or were made taking into account the hacking of the codes of the Company, its technical resources, platform resources, resources of third parties; service elements necessary for providing services of the Company;

– apply the measures provided for in clauses 7.4.2-7.4.3 with subsequent measures to write off funds received in violation of these conditions, write off bonuses, profits obtained using bonuses, if any, block the Client’s account until the investigation is complete, but no longer than 540 working days, and apply a penalty in the amount of the initially deposited funds by the Client to each account of the Client, where violations of the same time and volume are found.

13.3. The Client understands, accepts and agrees with increased risks in cases of violation of clauses 3.4-3.5, while the Client agrees that any actions performed on his account / accounts that took place in violation of clauses 3.4-3.5. should be considered by the Company as committed exclusively by the Client, waives any claims in relation to the Company and is fully responsible for the results of such actions.

13.4. In the event of a disputable situation to determine violations, the higher than those listed and the measures applied to the Client’s account, the latter agrees with the Company’s right to consider the disputed actions and violations as actions of a complex violation, followed by the measures of complex and cumulative application mentioned above, as well as any actions to terminate such a violation and / or mitigating the negative consequences of the Company and / or the Client, at the personal and absolute discretion of the Company’s security personnel, for example, but not limited to: temporary blocking of the account; closing positions; cancellation of orders; opening opposite orders; reopening of transactions; prolongation and transfer of transactions.

13.5. The Client understands that the use of any additional profit mechanisms or strategies increases the risk of 7.1 and 7.2. and waives any claims against the Company in this case.

  1. Telephone and electronic instructions for order execution

14.1. Under mutual engagements Company provides Clients with the opportunity to perform trading operations using instructions given by phone, video and audio communication messengers or other electronic communication systems that are possible between the parties and are confirmed by the technical ability to accept the client’s instructions, establishing his identity and explicit desire during the receipt of instructions.

14.2. The Client understands that by using this type of technical assistance from the managers of the Company, the Client assumes additional risks associated with the failure to receive the completeness of the trading account information, trading history, the course of the market movement at the time of giving instructions, since the Client does not use the information of the trading account in in real time, but provides an employee of the Company with the opportunity to place an order solely at his will and desire, without seeing the market data.

14.3. The Client understands and accepts the technical risks that may arise due to the fact that orders are made with a delay in execution until the full moment of confirmation of the client’s identity and the client’s wishes by means of communication, which at the time of a rapid market change may not play in the Client’s favor. possible other technical overlaps are associated with security checks of logins to enter the trading capacity of the client’s account, which may affect the timing of the order execution or its volume.

14.4. The client accepts full responsibility for the use of such a system of work and assistance, and disclaims any claims in connection with technical failures, loss of time for a profitable transaction, or financial losses due to such failures.

14.5. To perform trading operations by phone, the Company’s employees can provide technical assistance to Clients in opening / closing / changing parameters (take profit, stop loss) of transactions on behalf of Clients by phone, video and audio calls only on certain trading accounts. If the Clients do not agree with the use of this service of the Company in the future, they can notify the Company or not use this service. The Company has the right to terminate this type of service on its own, informing the Client about it.

14.6. In order to open / close / change / enter settings to replace trading algorithms or change a trading strategy that the Clients have agreed in the course of working with third parties or to request an order to be placed, the Client must contact exclusively his personal manager. At the same time, the manager of the Company must carry out regular telephone communication with the Client in order to assist the Client in performing trading operations and be familiar with his voice.

14.7. When opening orders using the phone, you must:

14.7.1. Complete verification by means of communication, indicating the last name, first name, patronymic and account login and special word for quick communication.

14.7.2. Answer personal verification questions (date of birth, other personal data provided by the Client to the Company).

14.7.3. Confirm the conditions of the opening (type of order, position size, direction ) orders (sell-buy), take profit, stop loss (if necessary) or other instructions mentioned above.

14.7.8. The Manager informs the Client of the instructions received and receives the Client’s confirmation to open the order in due course and rate.

14.8. When closing orders by phone, the Client must:

14.8.1. Complete verification by means of communication, indicating the last name, first name, patronymic and account login and special word for quick communication.

14.8.2. Answer personal verification questions (date of birth, other personal data provided by the Client to the Company).

14.8.3. Specify exactly order to be closed or the changes that need to be canceled, as mentioned above and starting time.

14.9. When changing an order by phone, the Client must:

14.9.1. Complete verification by means of communication, indicating the last name, first name, patronymic and account login and special word for quick communication.

14.9.2. Answer personal verification questions (date of birth, other personal data provided by the Client to the Company).

14.9.3. Specify the exact parameters order to be closed and what new order must be opened in return, or what changes must be made in the trading strategy with third algorithmic trading tools.

14.10. In order to ensure the quality of service and compliance with instructions, telephone conversations will be recorded by the Company and stored for 15 days from the date of receipt of instructions. You agree that all conversations between you and company personnel may be recorded without prior notice. You acknowledge that these recordings and the results of their transcriptions may be used as evidence in the event of disputes.

14.11. For instructions for transactions using audio / video communication, the messenger must:

14.11.1. Complete verification by means of communication, indicating the last name, first name, patronymic and account login and special word for quick communication.

14.11.2. Answer general questions to verify the legal capacity and understanding the nature of the Client’s own actions at this time and status.

14.11.3. Answer personal verification questions (date of birth, other personal data provided by the Client to the Company).

14.11.4. Receive an Instruction Form for communication means and fill it out, giving the manager the right to perform operations on the Client’s personal account, and send it to the manager through same messenger.

14.11.5. In all subsequent calls by means of Audio / Video communication Company shall verify accordingly to stated in Art 14.11.1 – 14.11.3.  procedures and Client shall clearly, obviously and without any double meaning indicate order data, that shall be closed or opened, or indicate exactly what changes must be made in the trading strategy with third algorithmic trading tools, in the same way as the procedure on telephone communication establish it.

14.11.6. The Client accepts the risk that recording at instant messengers is impossible, and the Client herewith refuses any claims against the Company, and also accepts any screenshots that are saved by the Company as reasonable evidence of receiving exactly such instructions that were made by managers, and any other instructions that could be under claims or arbitration in future.

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